February 27, 2016

Interesting Research on Mercury Levels in N Ontario's Fish

Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout (top predatory fish) are showing increased mercury levels according to a U of T study. Because these three are predator fish, they will show higher levels of mercury because they are feeding on other fish also with mercury.

The study looked at trends of mercury levels in these 3 fish over the past 15 years and used those trends to project where levels will be in 2050.

According to U of T Scarborough Professor George Arhonditsis: "If levels continue to rise, it could pose significant health risks to both the fish and the people consuming them."

"The study is unique because of the richness of data obtained through the Province’s long-running Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program. Not only did it cover a large geographical area but more than 200,000 measurements of fish mercury levels were taken across the province, even including remote locations only accessible by plane."

The article goes on the say that there is a common misunderstanding that mercury levels would be falling because we believe that most mercury pollution comes from human activities and we have seriously cut back on mercury emissions.

But Dr. Nilima Gandhi goes on to say that mercury is a natural element and can be due to natural events as well as human activity. Also, while we have cleaned up our human-caused mercury emissions, some of what is now getting into the river and lake system came from past emissions landed and sat on soil for many years. This contamination only enters the water system by erosion caused by something like a forest fire for example.

This does not negate the fact that mercury is highly toxic. A fetus and children are especially vulnerable.

Source: BayToday.ca

February 23, 2016

Ontario Ice Fishing Ice Conditions

It's always best to be safe and check with someone who knows the ice conditions before going out.

It has been kind of a crazy year for ice conditions. And with the changing weather, we're all getting a little eager to get in some end-of-ice fishing.

Here's a list of ice fishing conditions and who to check with before you head out. Updated every Thursday: Ontario Ice Fishing Report