October 28, 2015

NO, NO, NO, NO but WHY?

CN says No, No, No, and No, to the October 6 plea for a short-term run of the Algoma passenger service to assist property owners in accessing cottages and camps that were abruptly abandoned when rail services ended on July 14, 2015 with no notice.

But the question that remains is why?

Linda Savory-Gordon (Co-Chair of the Coalition of Algoma Passenger Trains) said, "the response received by CN Railway reads that CN had said in July that it is permanently out of the passenger rail business and it is not a business interest to them."

I guess that answers why they will no longer run the passenger service on a permanent basis, but I'm left wondering why they won't help camp owners, their neighbors, in an emergency.

Savory-Gordon and CAPT are now asking CN to run a "special high rail vehicle" or bus that can travel on the rails to transport people to their properties. This would be for just a short time, allowing property owners to get in and winterize in order to prevent freezing water pipes, docks being damaged by lake ice, windows and screens being damaged because they were left unprotected and boats that are too close to the water disappearing during Spring flooding as lake ice breaks. And in some cases, boats are still in lakes.

October 07, 2015

Too Many Walleye = A $4,410 Fine

Seven were fined $630 each after pleading guilty to possessing more walleye than permitted under a Sport Fishing license. The party of seven were 22 Walleye over the limit.

Each is also prohibited from fishing in the Blanche River, it's tributaries and within one kilometer of the Blanche River for one year.

Source: Northern Life

For links to MNR information and the 2015 Ontario Fishing Regulations, click HERE