April 17, 2015

Magnetawan Hatchery Lives Another Year

In a surprise decision, the MNRF allowed the Almaguin Fish Improvement Association to continue stocking walleye in Ahmic and Cecebe Lakes until March 21, 2016.

Read more here...Source: North Bay Nipissing News

April 09, 2015

Ice-Off Northern Pike

While you're waiting for ice off, here's an interesting and information article, Springtime is Trophy Northern Pike Time, about first-ice-off fishing for big northerns.

Source: Siouxland Outdoors

Start lining up your shallow bays with currents.

I have several favorite Northern Ontario lakes that have more than one shallow bay with a current. That's where you'll find me at ice off.

And please share photos of your ice-off Northerns with me here. I'm happy to publish them.

April 02, 2015