February 24, 2015

Clean A Perch In 10 Seconds

Now here's a perch-cleaning technique to aspire to. And I love that he gets it done while still on the ice. Nice!

February 18, 2015

A Fun Way To Support The Algoma Central Railway

The Algoma Central Railway (ACR) is, in some cases, the only source of transportation to many private and outfitter fishing and hunting camps along the line. Many are not able to drive to camp or even fly in.

If you would like to support the ACR and have a delightful weekend, here's a 3-Day-Train Event.

February 12, 2015

It's Free Fishing Weekend In Ontario

This coming weekend is Ontario's Free Fishing weekend. There's a lot happening from derbies to lessons and of course eating and fun. Check out some of the fishing events during Free Fishing Weekend at Ontario Family Fishing Events.

February 10, 2015

Look At What It Takes To Double Ice Fishing Success

Okay, I'm conflicted. I'm all for doubling my ice fishing success. And, I'm not sure I want to take to the ice with all that technology. WiFi, oh my! What do you say? Would love to hear your opinions on this article at Ontario Fishing Network.

February 03, 2015

Know Your Regulations and Behave Yourself

Fishing violations on Lake Nipissing result in a $1,500 fine.
Fishing violations result in jail time.

Those who fish are generally very considerate of our environment and our need to preserve our resources. These stories create a bad reputation for all of us who enjoy the sport legally. Please folks, go out there and have fun, know your regulations and behave yourself.