April 21, 2014

White Perch, Yellow Perch and a Rainbow

On the Niagra River in November.Oh for the want of soft water again. Sigh. I love the banter, my favorite part of fishing. Another excellent video from Thundermist Lures.

April 15, 2014

In Search Of The Perfect Fish Stringer

I've had more than enough fish stringers to last a lifetime. But you know how it is. You see someone using another stringer and you think that's the one for you. Or you leave a favorite stringer in the fish cleaning hut and it mysteriously disappears. You check the row of boats at camp but it's not there. You wonder, did you set it down somewhere, forgotten. Or did someone else find it irresistible. Too often, it's the latter.

I've yet to find the "Perfect" fish stringer. But I've come close. Here's my "fix" to turn the almost perfect stringer to the perfect stringer.

I start with two Luhr Jensen® Pro Class 6' Stringers. Why two? Because I want more clasps on my "perfect" stringer. Be sure to get the stringer with clasps on either end with ball bearings. If you cannot find it for a good price on Amazon, go right to Luhr-Jensen. Don't compromise on less expensive but similar stringers. The clasps and hardware on this stringer are superior.

Next, I remove the clasps and all the brass and reassemble the entire stringer using rope or paracord. I don't think much of the vinyl-coated cable. It does not pack well and eventually crimps somewhere and gives me fits.

Before I reassemble the stringer, I also add a ball bearing to the end of each clasp. Take a look at the clasps on either end of the stringer. This is what you want to do for each clasp. A quick visit to the hardware store will do the trick.

Now reassemble your stringer with as many clasps as you want. Be sure to slip on a brass dog tag with your name and phone number. This stringer will disappear.

Have you got a favorite "perfect" stringer. I'm always looking for something better. Let me know.