March 03, 2014

Help Save the Algoma Central Railway

The Algoma Central Rail Passenger Train will be closing on March 31. There is some action to extend that date to April 29.

But April 29 will not help the numerous camp owners along the line. Snow will still be deep in some places and ice will still be on the lakes. Moving everything out of a camp before the passenger train shuts down for good will not be possible. Some camps will likely will be left to deteriorate in the elements or burned to the ground with all their contents.

And likely some of your favorite fishing destinations will be closed too. Some can be accessed by float plane but not all. And air service does change the affordability of perhaps one of your favorite fishing destinations. 

Whether you live in Canada or elsewhere, you can help reverse this devastating decision by reading this article, watching the video and signing the petition at Sault Online.

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