October 06, 2013

Shore Lunch

What do you prefer for your Shore Lunch? I've done a little research. These are the items most N. Ontario fishing camps are offering for Shore Lunch. Please add to the list. I'd love to hear your ideas:
  • Fried Fish. Usually battered with a wet batter or lighter dry batter.
  • Baked Beans with Bacon
  • Potatoes, Fried with Onions and Bacon. Some do Baked Potatoes (wrapped in foil on the fire).
  • French Fries and/or Onion Rings. Usually when a deep fryer is used instead of a stove or wood fire.
  • A Vegetable (usually a salad). Many do coleslaw—some with chopped apples. Some do raw vegetables. And a few do a simple Cesar Salad.
  • Bread. I see everything from sandwich bread to bannock to cornbread to biscuits.
  • Dessert. Lots of different items. Cake, Pie, Beignets, Fruit Cobbler, etc. 
So what do you do for your Shore Lunch?
Do you have a special dish or recipe you'd like to share?
What's your opinion about cooking? Do you prefer taking along a deep fryer or a Coleman Stove? Or are you a purist and nothing but a wood fire will do? Why?
What's your favorite batter; boxed or homemade? 
What condiments are an absolute MUST for your Shore Lunch?

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