October 27, 2013

Moose Population Decline. What's Going On?

For some time now, moose populations have been declining in some Northern states in the U.S. Most notably, Minnesota has been strongly affected and measures are being taken to figure this out. Lose the moose, and we lose a large contributor to the ecosystem in the North.

One theory is that our shorter and warmer winters due to global warming have assisted the parasites that feed on moose. But it's still a theory and there's much to learn.

While overall, Ontario is in pretty good shape, parts of Ontario are also being affected and moose hunting is being suspended in parts of the Northeast. Parts of the Northwest in the Kenora-Dryden area are also affected.

The Ontario moose population seems to be in better shape than Minnesota, but that state's concerns are a good warning bell for getting this figured out.


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