October 27, 2013

Moose Population Decline. What's Going On?

For some time now, moose populations have been declining in some Northern states in the U.S. Most notably, Minnesota has been strongly affected and measures are being taken to figure this out. Lose the moose, and we lose a large contributor to the ecosystem in the North.

One theory is that our shorter and warmer winters due to global warming have assisted the parasites that feed on moose. But it's still a theory and there's much to learn.

While overall, Ontario is in pretty good shape, parts of Ontario are also being affected and moose hunting is being suspended in parts of the Northeast. Parts of the Northwest in the Kenora-Dryden area are also affected.

The Ontario moose population seems to be in better shape than Minnesota, but that state's concerns are a good warning bell for getting this figured out.


October 21, 2013

Get North

Get North is one of my favorite websites when I'm looking for a new Northern Ontario Adventure. Search by Region:
Choose from Fishing Outfitters, Hunting Outfitters or both. 

October 15, 2013

Ontario Outdoor Recreation Alliance Counters Lands for Life

Group fights for right to fish remote lakes was the title of this article appearing in NorthernLife.ca on October 2, 2013.

In the article, Mike Boudreau, President of Ontario Outdoor Alliance (OntORA), lays out his case for opening up remote fishing lakes to the public, especially in the Wawa and Chapleau areas.

These protected lakes are not closed entirely. They can be accessed by anyone, but only on foot or, in some cases, through an outfitter.

One of the big issues Ontario is facing is that after a timber company comes into an area and logs, they leave roads that were not there before. These roads then turn into easy access for remote fishing lakes. 

What do you think?
Should motorized access to remote lakes be allowed?
What about outfitters?
Should logging roads be decommissioned after logging operations are complete?

I'd love to hear your opinion here. Take a peek at the article and share with me please.

Source: NorthernLife.ca

October 06, 2013

Shore Lunch

What do you prefer for your Shore Lunch? I've done a little research. These are the items most N. Ontario fishing camps are offering for Shore Lunch. Please add to the list. I'd love to hear your ideas:
  • Fried Fish. Usually battered with a wet batter or lighter dry batter.
  • Baked Beans with Bacon
  • Potatoes, Fried with Onions and Bacon. Some do Baked Potatoes (wrapped in foil on the fire).
  • French Fries and/or Onion Rings. Usually when a deep fryer is used instead of a stove or wood fire.
  • A Vegetable (usually a salad). Many do coleslaw—some with chopped apples. Some do raw vegetables. And a few do a simple Cesar Salad.
  • Bread. I see everything from sandwich bread to bannock to cornbread to biscuits.
  • Dessert. Lots of different items. Cake, Pie, Beignets, Fruit Cobbler, etc. 
So what do you do for your Shore Lunch?
Do you have a special dish or recipe you'd like to share?
What's your opinion about cooking? Do you prefer taking along a deep fryer or a Coleman Stove? Or are you a purist and nothing but a wood fire will do? Why?
What's your favorite batter; boxed or homemade? 
What condiments are an absolute MUST for your Shore Lunch?