September 24, 2013

Barbless Hooks

There are lots of reasons to use barbless hooks. Here are some of my reasons why:
  1. Barbless hooks cause much less damage to the fish. So if you're fishing catch and release, you can get that fish back in the water faster with less damage. Remember, any time you've filled your limit for the day, you're fishing catch and release. 
  2. Setting the hook and keeping the tension is important when fishing with barbless hooks. So ultimately, this will help you learn to fish like the pros.
  3. And what if you are fishing alone and you hook yourself? Removing that barbless hook is going to be much easier. Save the stiff drink for your successful stories around the campfire, not for getting up your never to remove that hook. Yes, I know there are some great methods for removing a barbed hook. But you need two hands. 
  4. And what about your fishing buddy? Even if you're not alone, he's not going to appreciate your barbs if you hook him instead of the fish.
  5. Loose a lure? At least you know the barbs will not be threatening other wildlife. Have you ever seen a bird with barbed hooks caught in it's feet or bill? It's not pretty.
  6. If you absolutely have to cut your line, you're causing less damage to the fish on the other end. It is much more likely to be able to shake the lure.
So how do you create barbless hooks? It's not difficult. First, pinch the barbs on your hooks several times. Then simply use a small flat file to remove any edges you have after pinching the barbs. Then you can fine-tune your work with a round file and sharpen your hook with whatever hook sharpener you prefer to use.

The Barbless Hook: The Inner Sanctum of Angling Revealed

"Only by reflecting on good and bad behavior can we hope to become better anglers, better fishing buddies and better people." Dennis D. Dauble

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