November 30, 2012

Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges November News

The Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges November Newsletter is out and up and their website.
  • Big Walleye
  • June is Filling Up
  • How to Get to Cameron Lake
  • Info About the Algoma Central Railway

November 23, 2012

Walleye Cheek Meat

Do you love Walleye Cheeks as much as I do? Or have you never tried the cheeks because you think they're too much bother?

Here's a link to Wild Game and Fish Recipes where you can access 4 videos on how to remove Walleye cheeks. Surly in one of these you'll find the method that's best for you or perhaps learn something new.

And if you've got a video of your own method, different from these, I'd love to see it!

My 2013 Fishing Adventures Packages are out and up on the web.

November 15, 2012

Trophy Waters

There's an area in Northwest Ontario called Trophy Waters. The camps, lodges outposts and business members of Trophy Waters are committed to maintaining and improving the fragile fisheries in this area.

High harvest rates take a huge toll on fish that grow slowly in these cold Northern waters. So catch and release is promoted, while still allowing room to harvest your fish dinners.

Check out the members listing. Each member provides a website link so you can plan your next fishing trip in Trophy Waters.

November 07, 2012

Early Ice Walleye Fishing Strategies at Ontario Fishing Network

I'm eager and ready to start some hard-water fishing. It's coming but it's not quite time yet.

So I read Ontario Fishing Network and satisfy myself with this good article by Gary Parsons and Keith Kavajecz from The Next Bite about Ice Fishing for Walleye in Early Winter. Thanks guys. I'm ready!

You can learn more about Gary, Keith and Pete at The Next Bite.