September 27, 2012

Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains

Do you use the Algoma Passenger Train system to get to some of your favorite Northern Ontario fishing spots? Did you know the Algoma Passenger Train will take you  to very remote fishing camps and lodges as well as drop you off along side the tracks in the bush if you prefer a rougher and wilder adventure.

"The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) is a regional not-for-profit organization of individuals, municipalities, First Nations, businesses and other stakeholders who recognize the significant social, economic, cultural,  historical and environmental value of Northern Ontario’s passenger trains. It is dedicated to preserving and enhancing remote passenger train service in the District of Algoma as well as the adjacent districts around Hearst and Sudbury."

If you care about and/or use rail service in Northern Ontario, The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains needs your support. Visit their website and see how you might lend a hand.

September 21, 2012

Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges News

The latest newsletter from Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges is out and up on the web.

Thanks to everyone for all the great fishing photos this year.

Their 2013 Schedule is ready and May and June are already filling up.

One more cabin (The Island Cabin) is available for rental this year.

September 15, 2012

Eye Poppin' Walleyes

Here's an article about Ontario's Giant Eye Poppin' Walleyes that is well worth reading.

The article busts a few myths and provides quite a few great Walleye fishing tips.

September 09, 2012

Lake Superior State University's Live Fish Cam

 The Aquatic Research Laboratory at Lake Superior State University (LSSU) has a Live Fish Cam in the Saint Marys River. The camera is in the Saint Marys during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.

If you fish the Saint Marys, this is a wonderful resource.

During the Winter months, the camera is located in LSSU's Sturgeon tank.

You can get details about LSSU's Fish Cam and the Aquatic Research Laboratory HERE.

September 03, 2012

Leave a Trail Note

Are you heading into the Ontario bush for some very secluded fishing? Or any other remote hiking, climbing or travel destination?

Check out TrailNote, a digital safety service.

Just tell TrailNote where you are going (details are helpful), when you are leaving, when you plan to get back and who to contact should you not check in by your return date. When you are done with your trip, simply use your computer or your web-enabled cell phone to cancel your trail note.

You can even provide a digital map of the area you are traveling into, along with a detailed trip description. Then simply enter the email and/or text message addresses of everyone you would like notified should you not return on time.

Best of all, it's easy and it's free.